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Agriom specialises in breeding plant varieties for the production of floriculture and soft fruit crops.

Located in the vicinity of the company’s central breeding facility in the Dutch town of De Kwakel are seven joint-venture companies, each of which excels in activities involving a specific crop. These companies are subsidiaries (most of which have internationally operating or foreign shareholders) which were established to promote the identity of their previously successful breeding efforts in the market in which each subsidiary operates. These shareholders are excellent companies with leading positions in the global market. Agriom participates in each of these joint ventures.

Together with its partners, Agriom follows the global developments in the floriculture and fruit production sectors. Responding to changing market demands regarding product characteristics or colours involves a continuous process of development and selection.

Breeding assistance as service
In addition to breeding activities implemented within the joint-venture companies, Agriom conducts breeding and research activities for other propagation and/or production companies and provides them with assistance regarding their breeding operations.

This assistance can range from consulting services to the complete design and implementation of a breeding project. Agriom also conducts breeding-related research.


Tabletensia® special prize winner at IPM 2018

The jury report: The Tabletensia® ‘Saxtabdar’ is convincing due to its special growth form. It is flat and thus outstandingly suitable for planting in bowls and as attractive table decorations. Due to its rich branching and the rich stock of blossoms, it looks like a bouquet of flowers. You can truly imagine a table dance which it performs well into the autumn with attractive colouring on the tables in the garden, on the terrace and in the house: A promising extension to the wide spectrum of hydrangeas.  The prize winning variety from HBA is produced as dormant plants by Kötterheinrich exclusively. More information on our site at Hydrangea or at Hydrangea Breeders Association.



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To carry out its plant breeding activities, Agriom has 7000 m2 of greenhouse space in which each crop has its own section that provides excellent climate conditions. The keeping quality of the products can be tested under standardised conditions in a vase life testing facility. Agriom also has special areas reserved for disease-resistance testing and a tissue culture laboratory that enables the rapid propagation of new products when necessary. It can also be used for other activities to support plant breeding such as mutagenisis, the production of virus-free plants, ploidy modification and embryo rescue. These breeding activities are conducted by the academic staff (graduated from Wageningen University) and their assistants.

The breeding operations at Agriom are based on traditional methods of plant breeding. Making the best possible use of the natural genetic variation existing in every plant makes it quite possible to arrive at improvements in the assortment. The result is the generation of varieties displaying better production characteristics and a superior quality. Our programme complies completely with the registration requirements stipulated in the Nagoya Protocol.

In addition to assisting breeding projects and conducting research, Agriom has also acquired substantial commercial experience over the years, particularly in foreign markets. This international involvement in the commercial development of various products ensures an effective approach. The combination of extensive experience and excellent products - plus the close collaboration between the worlds of commerce and research - has already proven highly successful. Agriom's working methods have led to the introduction of new varieties in such crops as hydrangea, chrysanthemum, kalanchoe, rose, pot rose, hibiscus, spathiphyllum, begonia, Euphorbia fulgens, poinsettia and New Guinea Impatiens.


Agriom provides expertise in a wide range of areas including breeding, consulting, research and market development.


Agriom’s access to academic expertise and our extensive practical experience with many floriculture and soft fruit crops enables us to develop both small and large-scaled breeding programmes for many crops.


Agriom’s comprehensive knowledge of subsidies for launching new projects plus our efficient and effective procedures for developing these projects makes us the ideal partner for assisting in the start-up of a new breeding programme. Professional consultants guide the various steps in this process towards achieving the desired results.

Market Development

Agriom’s extensive network of distributors and partners means that we are closely involved in international market developments and trends. By responding promptly to these turns of events, Agriom is able to develop the products for its partners that the market wants.


Agriom has access to facilities needed to conduct various kinds of research related to the needs of the floriculture sector. These could range from keeping quality testing to literature reviews. Our close contacts with organisations such as Wageningen University keep us informed of the latest developments.


The objective, development and implementation of a breeding programme are established in close consultation with the customer. Agriom’s international network and knowledge of both the Dutch and foreign markets guarantee success in the introduction of new varieties.


Agriom works with the partner in discussing the desired objectives. These are then used to develop a breeding programme which is followed step by step.

Breeding programme

The results of crossings are used when needed to adjust the breeding programme to attain the proposed objectives.

Market development

The varieties that meet or come closest to meeting the objectives are selected in cooperation with the partner. By sharing each other’s expertise, the most suitable promotional activities are then used to market these varieties.

Our Crops

Ever since beginning its breeding activities in 1985, Agriom and its partners have been successful in developing new varieties in a wide range of floriculture and soft fruit crops.


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A4 Amsterdam - Den Haag: take the Aalsmeer (N201) exit.
Take the N201 towards Aalsmeer, follow the ring road around Aalsmeer, go through the Waterwolftunnel, and then follow the N201 to its intersection with the N231 (Legmeerdijk). Turn right towards Kudelstaart/De Kwakel. Follow the N231 for about 4.5 km until you reach an exit 100 m after the BP petrol station on the right hand side. Turn right and then left  onto: Achterweg.

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